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  1. GladiWithAQ


    its shit i know
  2. GladiWithAQ


    i did 14 times for 1 level up
  3. GladiWithAQ

    Full bottle of souls for kamael

    yes plz, make mp pots/health pots auto
  4. GladiWithAQ

    Crit error

    uninstall/install h5
  5. GladiWithAQ

    A few suggestions

    You can craft vesper faster than investing in Dynasty. Btw Dyn is usuless except Heavy/Light Weapon Master and Dyn Mace/Dyn Crusher.
  6. GladiWithAQ

    Silent Move

    Silent Move gets toggled off after a few seconds in combat.
  7. GladiWithAQ

    lf Active CP(8+) [BP/SK/SwS]

    Active Pro (10+) BP / SK/ SwS lf active CP. PS: Not interested in Cyka Blyat or [7 - 1] people.
  8. GladiWithAQ

    CP looking for people 8h+

    Ok, we have a settlement. We can move to the paperwork signing stuff or we can keep the payments off the books assuming you wil provide me with Epics priority.
  9. GladiWithAQ

    CP looking for people 8h+

    Hello. Im interested as bp/hk. How much €/hour does your establishment offer?