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  1. Mercedes

    lf Active CP(8+) [BP/SK/SwS]

    Pm me in Skype Amg_imran or discord PRO#6457
  2. Mercedes

    CP looking for people 8h+

    I didn’t receive message in Skype , Amg_imran
  3. Mercedes

    LF clan / cp

    Pm Skype amg_imran discord : PRO#6457
  4. Mercedes

    MainStream constant [rus]

    Privet , to angliski znaesh ?
  5. Mercedes

    CP looking for people 8h+

    Hello when you done your cp pm me in Skype amg_imran
  6. Mercedes

    PushTheTempo CP

    If your cp is done pm me Skype Amg_imran discord Pro#6457
  7. Mercedes

    ZDEC Team

    Angliski znaew ?
  8. Mercedes


    Angliski znaew?
  9. Mercedes

    BlacKSerieS Clan

    Hello All , I will be here for some pvp and balance pvps and the reason of recruiting is to fill the empty place of clan against zerg clans that has more than 7 parties. Only Serious Cps pm me thanks Skype : Amg_imran Discord : PRO#6457 Recruiting CPS ,9/9 7/9 8/9 Who is top player also I can take in Cps !
  10. Mercedes

    hardcore cp recruiting

    PRO#6457 skype Amg_imran message me there