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  1. Silver


    First of all u have to explain what kind of Scam it was. I cannot help you if you just tell me that you got scam.
  2. Silver

    critical error problem

    Get a clean client
  3. Silver

    GvG Tournament - 01/12/2019

    Hello community of L2Luna, i'm here to announce you our new event, GvG. Read the rules for take part of this event. Rules : 1. Reply here your Cp Name. 2. Reply here your Cp Leader. 3. Your Cp must be 9 members. 4. You must be ready for 01/12/2019. Rewards : - The Winners of the 1st round will reward of 300 Donation Coins. - The loser Cp's also will be rewarded of 150 FA - Semi Final Round reward of Winners will be 1 Elegia Set Armor - For Cp's who lose is 250 FA - Final Round for Cp will be the best of the best will take a reward of 1 Top Weapon + 1 Set Elegia Armor + 1.000 Festival Adena. - For Cp will lose 1 Elegia Set Armor + 500 Festival Adena Event Will Start at 01/12/2019. Thanks for participation For any problem contact us.
  4. Silver

    fake death/spoil inventory

    That's how it is supposed to work with /stand
  5. Silver

    Facebook Giveaway 2!

    Rules: Like and follow our Facebook group - Tag 3 Friends and Leave your In-Game Nickname under this post - HERE Share this post to your profile - HERE You must have at least 30 friends! Only public share is valid, so we could check it! Do not delete the shared post until the end of the drawing Reward: 50 Donation Coin and 3 Day's Premium Account Reward will be Given on: 22 November - 2019
  6. L2Luna x40 High Five server is online!
  7. Silver

    Full bottle of souls for kamael

    For bottle of soul that's abusive and only fair for the kamaels
  8. Silver

    Full bottle of souls for kamael

    use .acp guys for Auto HP/MP/CP
  9. Silver

    System Message

    Our protection block all the Custom Modifications to files of our folder. That's why you are having this critical error. Please use a clean client.
  10. Silver

    A few suggestions

    There is TP for SOA it is on Other Areas check all the teleport Options please. About Dynasty Prices we will check it out , Thanks
  11. Silver

    Silent Move

    Thanks will check it out
  12. Will change thanks you
  13. Silver


    Download new system from website
  14. Silver

    OBT - Olympiad Event

    L2Luna Olympiad Event during our Beta Test Server Event: Event will start once our OBT (Open Beta Test) will be online. Event will end when our OBT(Open Beta Test) will be offline. Everyone will be able to participate on the Olympiad. Every player who will achieve first position for each respective classes will be rewarded. Reward will be given Wednesday - 11-20-2019 Reward will be 200 Festival Adena & 10 Giant Codex Mastery for everyone who finish first position.
  15. Silver

    Server Features in more details

    1) Yes 2) 9 3) Yes 4) No 5) Yes 6) Yes